5 Excellent Stretch Mark Solutions Which Can Surely Make Your Skin Smoother

Stretch marks are obnoxious marks on the skin that seem like discolored stripes or lines. These crimson depressed lines can drastically affect a person's confidence and cause one to have a very low self-esteem. If you're among the millions of people affected by this condition, there isn't any need to worry too much as there are several best ways to get rid of stretch marks efficaciously. Stop the mental torture right at this moment and try the following anti-stretch marks solutions to help you eliminate those scars for good.

1. Creams and Lotions

There are diverse types of stretch mark eliminating creams and lotions available on the market today. Be sure you select products that comprise natural ingredients which includes Vitamins A, E and D3, aloe vera essences, and squalene oil. Check out reviews and testimonials and find out as much as you can concerning the product's specifications to make sure that you're investing in something worth your time and effort. Be diligent in applying the creams day-by-day and wait for at least two weeks to find out if the products are able to provide as promised.

2. Coca Butter Massages

Natural home remedies are among the best ways to remove stretch marks at a cheap cost. Cocoa butter massages are known to help a lot in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Simply prepare a blend of coca butter, apply a liberal amount on the scars and lightly and gently massage for close to 15 minutes. This may be done once a day. You should see clear results in about a month. Typically, the stretch marks would appear lighter primarily due to the stimulation of blood flow and growth of collagen in the affected region. Collagen is an extremely important protein that maintains the elasticity and vigor of your skin.

3. Dieting and Exercises

Mostly, the main culprit in the appearance of stretch marks is gaining weight or also abrupt weight loss. It's essential to maintain proper diet and daily exercise to avoid excess weight gain. Spot-train those parts affected by stretch marks to raise muscle mass steadily while burning away fat. In this way, there will be decreased chance for the appearance of those nasty discolored streaks on your skin. Some of the best exercises to reduce stretch marks are walking, jogging, sit-ups, leg swinging and crunches. Keep yourself healthy and well-hydrated by consuming nutritious foods and drinking plenty of water.

4. Vitamin E Oils

Vitamin E is a useful antioxidant which can successfully lessen scar tissue both externally and inside of your skin. Thus, an easy natural home remedy would be to apply and massage Vitamin E oil on the affected areas of your body a couple of times a day after showering.

5. Laser Treatment, Chemical Peel and Micro Dermabrasion

Laser treatment is a non-intrusive approach and it works by seeking to restore the collagen layer below the skin. Chemical peel, on the other hand, makes use of tough chemicals to peel away the outside layers of the epidermis. Micro dermabrasion uses crystal flow or pressure to peel off the uppermost skin layer. All of these medical procedures are very luxurious so it would be better to test other best ways to get rid of stretch marks first before deciding to go for these alternatives.

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