6 Strategies To Eliminate A Foot Wart

There are numerous different types of warts that can appear on people's skin however these are all caused by the same viral infection known as human papillomavirus. This virus is also known as HPV and it infects over 40 percent of humans world wide. HPV virus which infects the human body survives underneath the skin layers by extracting food from the blood vessels. Feet area, especially the plantar region in the sole of the feet is more prone to warts and the type of warts that occur here are called plantar warts. There are quite a few ways to get rid of warts on feet safely and effectively. HPV is a highly contagious virus and the feet region can get affected very easily as the skin from the feet is shed very often. This virus survives in hot humid environment. Plantar warts are shaped like a small cauliflower and have many black flecks on them. Medical treatment and home remedies are the two different ways by which you can get rid of warts on feet. The effectiveness and affordability of these options have been discussed in detail in this article.

1. Surgery for Warts - There are three kinds of surgery that are effective to get rid of nasty foot warts. These are cryosurgery, electrosurgery and laser surgery. All of these methods necessitate visits to the doctor's office or medical care facility and they can be pricey and painful. We'll take a look at the three types in a bit more detail.

2. Freeze Your Warts - Cryosurgery is a procedure where the doctor attempts to freeze the wart tissue by spraying liquid nitrogen with the help of an applicator, using a spray tip or a cotton tip for this purpose. This freezes the wart and cases a blister under it that could be removed easily at a later stage. It can be quite painful but this method usually does not leave scars.

3. Burn Your Warts - Electrosurgery is the most preferred treatment method that is used to get rid of warts on feet as it is less painful in comparison to cryosurgery but the drawback is that it could leave unsightly scars over the skin. In this treatment method, a thin needle is inserted into the wart tissue and electric current is passed through it. This helps to burn off the wart tissue and the virus get destroyed.

4. Laser Wart Removal - Your last choice for really stubborn warts should be laser surgery. This treatment method can get rid of warts permanently but it could leave scarring. The two big drawbacks to laser surgery are the high expense and the pain involved in the surgery.

5. Home Wart Remedies - Many different varieties of over the counter medicine such as creams and lotions are available to get rid of warts on your feet and these products usually contain salicylic acid as the main component. Regular application of these salicylic acid creams for about a 30 days or so, can help to remove the warts completely. After the salicylic acid softens the tough wart tissue it can be removed.

6. Duct Tape Removal - A very simple solution for removal of plantar warts from your feet is to use a duct tape. If you choose this method you need to place tape directly over your warts and leave it in place for a week. Then remove the tape and soak your feet in hot water. Using any kind of abrasive material such a pumice stone, scrape the dead wart tissue until it is completely removed. Some people suggest putting a small piece of garlic under the tap so the oil from it will soften tissue and destroy the virus.

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