A Dark, Properly Ventilated Room Is The Best Possible Environment For A Deep, Relaxing Sleep

Are you ready to start curing insomnia? Do you finally wish to be able to start your sleeplessness treatment the proper way, without costly sleep aids and doctor visits? If that's the case, then take on the quick insomnia quiz below. It might just explain to you a thing or two regarding all-natural insomnia cure.

Take The Insomnia Treatment Quiz...

1. To Get Comfortable Before Going to bed, I...

A) Consume lots of caffeinated drinks, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco.

B) Watch an Hour of TV

C) Have a Warm Shower and Drink Warm Milk

The correct choice is C. Having warm milk before going to sleep will calm your jagged nerves, while having a warm shower will relieve tension and stress. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and caffeinated drinks have been proven to upset natural sleeping rhythms, consequently making it tougher for you to get to sleep.

2. The Ideal Bed-Time Snack Is...

A) Slice of Cold Pizza

B) Turkey

C) A scoop of ice cream with a slice of cake

Anything other than B is wrong. Food items that have the amino acid L-tryptophan (turkey, poultry, cashews, cottage cheese, etc.) greatly aid in getting an individual to sleep fast. Keep a couple of pieces of turkey or chicken on standby for when you go to bed each night.

3. I Sleep in an area that...

A) Has the Television on.

B) is always well lit.

C) is dimly lit and properly ventilated.

The correct response for this question is C. A dimly lit, properly ventilated room is the best possible environment for a deep, relaxing sleep. When in total darkness, our bodies produce a natural hormone known as melatonin that helps us to sleep more soundly. If you're scared of the dark or are most comfortable with the Television on, get a night bulb with a timer and/or put your TV on a timer too.

4. My sleep pattern is...

A) Constant. I always go to sleep around the same time every night.

B) Always varying. I never go to sleep at the same time.

C) Comprised of several naps throughout the day.

A is the right answer here. By maintaining a regular sleeping schedule -- I.E go to sleep at around 11pm, get up at around 8am -- you may be able to fall into a regular sleeping rhythm without difficulty. Your body will be programmed to know precisely when it is time for going to bed, enabling you to fall asleep almost instantly when your head hits your pillow.

Bear in mind, curing sleeplessness doesn't have to be tough. With a little knowledge and the right amount of persistence, it can be as easy following a couple of simple tips.

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