Age Reversing Skin Creme - 3 Reasons Face Lifts Are A Negative Option

An efficient anti aging cream can't only outperform a face lift when it comes to removing wrinkles, it practically puts the treatment to shame. It's inexpensive, painless, and far less of a bother that you'd have to be out of your mind to even think about opting for a surgical face lift when you could use a wrinkle removing cream and get the same, if not better, results. But, if that isn't enough to sway your mind, let us take a closer look at why anti aging creme really is the smarter choice for someone wanting to get rid of finelines and wrinkles.

Reason 1: You Won't Break Your Budget

You have to remember that cosmetic treatments, such as a face lift, are not in any way cheap. It will cost a great deal of your money to have the procedure done ; and even then, the face you wind up with after the surgical procedure might not be the face you wanted to have or thought you would have. It's true that they'll have lots of photographs, before and after photos of people who've had successful results with the treatment, and maybe even a bit of simulated imagery on display in order to give you a rough idea of what you "might" look like -- Unfortunately though, none of those things are going to give you an exact portrayal of what you'll actually look like after the cosmetic surgery has been completed. So, you're going to spend all that money for a wrinkle treatment that "could" possibly cause your appearance to worsen? Ask yourself, does that make any sense?

While a surgical face lift costs 1000s of dollars for just one treatment, a anti aging wrinkle cream will cost but a small portion of that per year. And, as though that was not enough already, a face lift isn't everlasting! This means rather than just going once for the procedure and being done with it, you will need to have 2-3 face lift procedures annually! Do you actually have that kind of money to burn?

Reason 2: 100% Painless

Could you name a time when a anti-wrinkle lotion caused critical pain for your skin? Well, unless that product was created from acid, it is guaranteed the answer is NEVER! This is exactly the point; wrinkle creams are completely painless and face lifts are not! When you compare that pain-free remedy with the regular discomfort that comes from a face lift, be it following or during the surgery, it's really a no-brainer.

Why choose a face lift, which normally calls for the usage of painkillers for days, and in some cases weeks, following the procedure, when you can just use a anti-aging cream and naturally rid your skin of lines and wrinkles with time?

Reason 3: Zero Complications

When have you ever seen a headline entitled "Woman Disfigured After Applying Wrinkle Cream"? What about dieing from making use of a wrinkle cream? No? Well, do you want to know why that is? Because it has never happened!

Critical complications are not known to accompany age reversing skin creams. The only kind of complication that will occur with using a anti-wrinkle cream is a side-effect or 2; and this will only happen when someone uses the wrong kind of anti wrinkle cream, one that isn't created with 100% natural ingredients. However, a face lift, or some other beauty procedure, does include it's fair share of "possible" risks. Just because a surgeon is well regarded for his experience and high skills, that does not mean he's unable to make mistakes. What if he slips up? Instead of a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion, you have a deformed left cheek. Instead of having a mouth without any lines or wrinkles around, you now have a very noticeable scar cutting through your top lip.

If the rewards are exactly the same for both treatments, why take all the risks? Why not simply go for the anti aging cream instead? Consider it for a moment; would any sensible individual truly put themselves through an unpleasant, high priced, hassle filled treatment when they can just as easily apply a wrinkle removing creme and be done with lines and wrinkles for good?

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