Dark Under Eye Bags - Is It Something Serious?

Individuals who find dark bags under eyes when they look in the mirror would probably like to understand what they are and what causes them to appear. The conditions that could cause the dark bags are described in medical terms as periorbital puffiness and periorbital dark circles. These are dissimilar conditions but many people can quite often have them both at the same time. People can be predisposed genetically to dark bags under eyes if their parents and grandparents had the condition. Normal aging of the skin can also cause the bags for the reason that the skin layers get over stretched and is less elastic because of collagen loss.

Another genetic skin factor that can cause dark bags is when you have skin which is thinner or more translucent in the eye region. This allows dark veins to to become more visible and can give the appearance of dark circles. If you haven? t been getting enough sleep on a regular basis or if you have been suffering from chronic sleeplessness or insomnia this could bring about dark bags under eyes. Over sleeping may also cause the condition. Emotional stress and anxiety are the two main reasons why people don't sleep well and if this is the case then you should try some relaxation techniques prior to going to sleep.

Women may have some hormonal variations during menstrual cycles and pregnancy that make the skin appear paler and that allows dark veins to show under the skin. Your body can be deprived of the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins that it requires to maintain the skin healthy if you are eating a unhealthy and malnourished diet. If you are taking any medicinal drugs this can sometimes darken skin near the eye area because this area is sensitive to any changes in the level of blood flow. Unprotected sun exposure can cause excessive melanin production and pigmentation changes which produce dark bags under eyes.

Food, animals and environmental factors can lead to many kinds of allergies that can make the eyes irritated and itchy and lead to the formation of dark bags under eyes. Allergic reactions of the hay fever type to airborne dirt and dust, pollutants or pollen in the air can cause discoloration and puffiness in the thin, sensitive skin surrounding the eyes. A good first step to getting rid of dark bags under eyes is to be certain that adequate refreshing sleep is received every day. When the sensitive skin around the eyes is exposed to ultra violet rays it should be protected by a sunscreen.

You should consume a nutritious diet to ensure that your body is getting the ingredients it needs to keep your skin healthy. Foods such as fresh green vegetables, cold water oily fish and food items prepared using whole grains should make up a large portion of what you eat. You should drink lots of water regularly to make sure your skin is properly hydrated and supple. Restrict your consumption of liquids which act as diuretics, for example coffee and alcohol. Taking a health supplement with minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients will reduce or remove unattractive dark under eye bags. Cold packs or compresses placed on the eyes also help remove these bags.

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Dark Under Eye Bags - Is It Something Serious?
Heredity can give people skin which is more translucent in the region near the eyes and that could make the many dark veins that lie under the skin in this area show through and create the impression of dark circles.

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