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Acne is an ordinary skin condition found in teenagers, pregnant women and women having their menstrual period. This unsightly skin condition is caused by a variety of factors that include excessive oil creation by glands in the skin, infectious bacteria and increased hormonal activity. Treating acne can be done in numerous ways. There are new treatments available that use high-tech lasers and other tools but they can be expensive, so a lot of people would rather opt for a more homeopathic method of treating their skin condition. Holistic and natural acne cures could be both effective and affordable choices. Some of the remedies might seem a bit unusual, or even absurd at times, but rest assured, they do indeed work.

Homeopathic and natural acne cures begin with the premise that something is not in balance in the body and needs to be addressed. Personal hygiene is a good place to start. Washing the face along with other affected areas in the morning and before going to bed using a non-abrasive soap that contains sulfur will help control the P-acnes bacteria that can cause acne. Washing hair daily and keeping it off the face and shoulders helps to control oil levels on the skin. Wash pillow cases regularly since the face is in contact with them for long periods each night.

Most health care professionals do not feel that greasy or sweet foods in the diet have a role in causing acne but not receiving enough minerals and vitamins can impact on the body's entire well being, including its ability to cleanse itself of poisons and free radicals that can cause acne. Healthy skin needs good nutrition so take a good multi-vitamin on a daily basis. Chromium works well at healing skin lesions and zinc fights bacteria, so have a daily supplement of these minerals. Vitamin A is a strong antioxidant and also strengthens tissue in our skin to fight acne.

When using natural cures for acne, it is important not to do things that may make your acne worse, such as touching, squeezing or scratching the pimples, cysts and blackheads which are present on your body and face. By opening any acne lesions with your fingers it is possible to spread the bacteria that causes the condition and spread it further. Women should go for a natural look and avoid makeup since it clogs skin pores. It is good to drink a lot of water because the skin needs moisture to be healthy. Physical exercise also works well as sweating cleans the pores.

Many natural ingredients can be used in creams and in skin masks to help clear up the signs of acne. Honey has been employed for thousands of years as a skin hydrator and smoother. Melaleuca tea tree oil possesses a powerful ingredient that fights bacteria and aloe vera plant gel has effective enzymes that work both as an anti-inflammatory and as an anti-bacterial. A facial mask of tomato pulp, rose-water and honey left on for 20 minutes is usually recommended by many holistic health practitioners. A nighttime use of glycerin, cream and lemon juice can help hydrate pores in the skin.

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