Finding A Suitable Second Hand Bridal Dress - Where Should I Look?

Have you been under the same enchantment as many other brides on the planet? The spell that has you convinced that you HAVE TO shell out over $5,000 on some top of the line, designer dress for your wedding. Well, if you are, then it is time to bust that spell and let you in on a little, yet incredibly powerful secret -- a second hand wedding dress look just as incredible and elegant as COMPLETELY NEW ones!

Excellent Ideas For Finding Gorgeous Second Hand Wedding Dresses...

1. What About Mom? Does your mom or grandmother have a wedding dress just resting in a closet someplace? Well, then your mission is to speak to her about allowing you to wear it for your wedding day. Tell her how privileged you'd be, not to mention how this will help you save, if you could use it and you shouldn't have very much difficulty getting her to hand it over.

2. Gown Renting. The notion of renting a wedding gown escapes many brides, which is unfortunate. Leasing your bridal dress is a superb way of getting the exact dress you desire without being destroyed by the costs. It is true you don't get to keep the gown, but do you honestly need something you are only going to wear ONCE in your life?

3. Secondhand Shops. The probability is good that there are used clothing stores and secondhand shops near your home which have secondhand bridal dresses available. These gowns aren't going to be the cream of the crop, obviously, but there could be a few "diamonds in the rough" if you invest a little time and effort into your search. Just ask the clerk or cashier for assistance.

4: Costume & Drama Departments. Go and visit costume stores and even drama departments of high-schools and colleges. These locations usually have an array of clothes and you may just be able to grab incredible second hand wedding dresses FOR UNDER $200!

Used Wedding Dress Tip: Do not be all that discriminating when looking for a second hand wedding dress. Why? Because you can easily employ a seamstress for one or two hundred dollars to change the size, length, and form of the dress to match your preferences. A borderline raggedy dress (which costs no more than 2-3 hundred bucks) can be given to a seamstress and be changed into a dress which looks like it cost several thousand dollars.

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