Getting Discounted Wedding Cake Prices - Easy Techniques And Suggestions

The wedding cake is an enormous aspect of the reception, let alone the wedding by itself. With that being said, it certainly is recommended that you recognize how your spending budget can handle this expense by learning about the normal wedding cake prices and exactly what you'll be expected to spend.

Above all, make sure you realize that most bakeries charge per "slice" instead of per "cake". This structure will help you to quickly figure out how much the whole wedding cake should cost in terms of how many guests will be at your wedding party -- as well as the amount of money you may spare for customized decorations and cake icing.

How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost:

Uncomplicated Cake: A simply made wedding cake with only a couple of decorations, low cost icing, and a simple design should cost about 2-3 dollars for each slice. If it's a small wedding and reception with approximately one hundred or so folks, you can easily spend about $400 and get hold of a stylish cake that'll please everybody.

Much More Stylish Cake: A wedding cake which features several tiers, more costly icing, a great design, and beautiful decorations can cost about $4-7 for each piece. If the visitor list is long, the full cost can climb rather quickly: $5 for each piece multiplied by 300 equates to a tremendous $1500 bill.

Fancy Schmancy Cake: A five to six tier cake with the works -- delightful icing that will not bleed, exquisite designs, wonderful decorations, etc. -- could cost between $8-12 per slice. For anyone who is on a small budget, this is essentially unthinkable. On the other hand, if it is a wedding reception of only about 50 people, you could pay out $10 for each slice ($500 total) and truly dazzle your guests.

A Few Simple Methods For Acquiring Reduced Wedding Cake Prices...

1. Use an online detailed help guide to bake & design the cake on your own. In lieu of having to pay dollars for each slice with a "specialized" pastry chef, you can pay just PENNIES!

2. Choose a low-cost, easy-to-make & easy-to-use icing like butter cream rather than fondant.

3. Give up many of the fancy-schmancy designs & decorations to acquire a cheaper cost per slice.

Now you know precisely what to expect, along with the best ways to save, with regards to wedding cakes & wedding cake prices .

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