Hard Facts About Video Beta Game Testers And Exactly What It Involves

Want to discover the facts about video game testers? Tired of all the ads stating game testers actually make up to $150 per hour? Wish to know the truth? Then you've come to the right place, since you're going to learn the cold hard facts regarding video games testers, which includes what exactly they get paid, what it takes to be a tester, and what work they are in command of doing.

Video Game Tester Payment

If the average game tester were to work from day 1 (Monday) to day 5 (Friday), daily totaling 8-10 hours, he would be able to pull in roughly $600-$1000 each week. To bankers, stock brokers, and Hollywood movie stars, that isn't plenty of money. Nevertheless, to someone who spends most of his/her time lounging around playing video games at home, that is a very "cushiony" salary.

It is vital to note that starting game testers are not going to be making a lot of of money. In fact, some testers may in reality have to test the first few games for free so as to get their career off the ground.

Facts About Video Game Testers Workload

Generally speaking, the work of a professional video games tester isn't back-breaking, nor is it mind numbing. The simplest way to describe the work is "a little bit of boring". This is because a lot of testers will be required to play the same area of a video game over and over. Also, the beta game tester will also have to take notes about any concerns he/she comes across. Depending on the programmers and software engineers that put the game together, this can mean a measly hour or two of work or it very well could mean DAYS or even WEEKS of labor.

What It Takes to be a Paid Beta Game Tester

The fantastic thing about video game testers is that you don't need a college eduction to become one. In fact, some game testers don't even own a high school diploma, in spite of that today, they are testing games for cash. Once you have these 3 requirements, you can be a paid game tester at once: be 18 years of age, have numerous years of gaming experience, possess a good attention to detail. Do you fit those basic requirements? Well done, you can be a game tester!

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Video Game Beta Testing Rejections - Top Five Reasons It'll Happen To You
Professional video game testing isn't really that tough. In truth, you might even go so far as to say that it's an easy job which does NOT require too much effort.

Play Games And Earn Cash - Not A Fairy Tale Job
Should you expect to plop down on your couch, open a can of coke, eat chicken wings, and get paid to play video games with your friends all day, you're delusional.

Paid To Test Prospective Video Games - A Good Line Of Work For Serious Game Enthusiasts
Were you aware that all future video games must be tested before they are launched? Did you also know people, just like you, tend to be paid excellent sums of money to undertake that testing?

How To Get Beta Game Testing Jobs - 2 Basic Steps You Need To Follow
You will not land any video game tester jobs if you simply sit about and wait for a "Looking For Game Testers" ad to show up in the paper. It's not going to happen.

How To Get Hold Of A Game Testing Work Opportunity Effectively - Create Your Testing Resume Much Better
You don't really have to embellish, exaggerate, fib, and/or stretch the truth to perfect your video game tester resume. Everything you have to achieve is tell the truth. Distressed that telling the truth will likely result in "Sorry, you don't have enough experience"? Well, you should not be.

Pro Game Testing - How Any Person Can Get Started Tomorrow
Professional video game testing can be lots of fun, but then again, its also wise to know that it is not always enjoyable. A paid game tester will have to do work and complete the duties assigned to him.

Video Game Testers - Can I Actually Earn Income Playing Games?
Becoming a professional beta game tester doesn't have to be challenging. In reality, it can be hassle-free for those who know what to do and what exactly is involved.


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