How To Cure A Wart - A Powerful 4 Step Program

Viral infection brought on by the human papilloma virus causes the formation of ugly unsightly warts to appear on the skin surface. As outlined by the medical reports, this is one of the most common types of viral infection that affects over 40 percentage of the human population all over the world. Warts are likely to develop on any areas of your body. The areas of the body where they are likely to appear very often includes, feet, hands, knees, legs, face and even in the genital area. The best way to get rid of your ugly warts is to treat them in a natural holistic way and this is a step by step procedure where the skin is first softened by the application of natural creams, covered up and then the warts are eventually eliminated. In the article that follows we will discuss the best way to get rid of warts using a progressive system that incorporates inexpensive and natural ingredients that people often already have at home. This progressive wart removal program works on all warts except for genital warts.

1. Soften Warts - The external surface of the warts is actually a thickened layer of your outer skin which has been hardened by the virus that lives underneath. To remove the warts completely and to prevent the recurrence of the infection, the virus that is present underneath the skin layers should be destroyed and this would be possible only if the hard outer skin of the warts is softened and removed first. The best way to get rid of warts would be to soak the skin in hot water so that the outer hard tissue is softened. The water should be of bearable warmth and you need to soak the warts in hot water for at least ten minutes. You can add apple cider vinegar to the hot water before the treatment to make this step even more effective. Adjust the ratio of vinegar to water according to the sensitivity of the skin.

2. Holistic Ointments - After softening the wart tissue with hot water treatment, apply medicinal creams and lotions over the area so that human papilloma virus is destroyed. One natural cream that is highly recommended for wart treatment is aloe gel. This natural product carries anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic properties that help to cure and eliminate warts. The anti-inflammatory action will block the HPV viruses ability to feed off of the blood vessels and make it weak so that the antiseptic ingredients in the gel can destroy and eradicate the virus. The analgesic properties of the aloe gel will help to reduce any discomfort or pain that you experience in the area during the course of treatment process. Garlic oil and banana peels can also be used.

3. Duct Tape - You have softened your warts with hot water treatment and you have treated them with a holistic ointment so now it's time to cover the warts tightly with pieces of duct tape. By doing this you will cut off the air supply to the virus and as the virus is already weakened by the restricted food supply, it gets destroyed very easily. Cut a small piece of duct tape, slightly bigger than the size of your wart and apply the tape firmly to them so that they are air tight. This tape should be kept in place for about 5-7 days and then you can start removing your warts.

4. Wart Abrasion - The final step in this system of progressive remedies, that is the best way to remove warts, is to abrade or exfoliate the tissue of the wart away. The HPV virus that caused the wart has been killed so they won't reoccur. An emery board, pumice stone or other kind of abrasive item can be used to wear down the wart. The process could be sped up if the wart has turned fully black. That means the wart tissue is completely dead without any blood supply and hence can be cut off.

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