Make Incredible Cost Savings On Your Wedding Party - Follow These 3 Fantastic Planning Secrets And Techniques

It's estimated that half of EVERY wedding spending goes to pay for the wedding reception; meals, drinks, location rental, accessories, etc. That being said, if you can find a method to put on a reasonable wedding reception -- one that'll save some cash yet still delight the guests -- well, you will definitely double if not triple your honeymoon vacation time. How can you put together a low cost wedding reception , you ask? Simple, by making use of these outstanding and incredibly efficient secrets!

The Inexpensive Wedding Reception Methods...

Party Setting:

Making reservation for the reception hall at a hotel or renting a banquet hall at some fancy-schmancy establishment is NOT low cost, regardless of what you might have heard. The truth is, such a move will surely cost well ABOVE $1 000 dollars and is likely to get into the $4 000 to $5 000 range based on the amount of guests and the part of the year it is.

To get around this frenzied expense and avoid simply booking the wedding during the off season, it's important to consider other areas. Why not have your wedding party at a public park or even a public beach? Do you possess a large house and/or a open yard? Well, then you have the option to have the reception there and save a small fortune! There are plenty of techniques to prevent spending thousands of dollars on a wedding party place, you merely have to be open to unique ideas.

Meals & Drink:

Cheap wedding receptions are not manageable is the planner is a complete & utter fool about the foods & refreshments. This is one of the most high-priced parts of the reception -- even for a so-called economical wedding reception -- so there may well be NO splurging on inconsequential, irrelevant things.

For the beverage and alcohol, just close down the idea of an open bar. Do not even ponder over it! An open bar is extremely luxurious and it encourages people to get drunk, and much more so than usual.

Merriment is all-well-and-good, but this is a wedding event, not a college frat party. Stock up on beer, champagne, wine, and plenty of non-alcoholic beverages. Look around for the best prices, purchase in bulk, serve it yourself, and you'll save immense sums of money. Remember, just put aside hard liquor, it'll do you NO good.

Would you like to know how to save money on wedding food when creating a cheap wedding gathering? It's simple actually, just do away with all those unwanted catering extras.

All you require to have the food (affordable food at that), the trays, the platters, and also a table to put it all on -- that's it! You do not need need servers walking around inquiring people what they would like, nor do you need them organizing guests' plates and serving every person individually. To get it done is not only a high financial cost, its complete idiocy.

Catering expenses are the true budget killer in relation to foods and drinks. If you can take away most, or perhaps some, of those fees, things will begin to get massively cheaper.

If you can't save about $2000 to $3000 dollars with the use of these cheap wedding reception secrets and techniques, well, then you're already pretty hopeless. Either that, or you're really dumb -- its one or other.

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