Preventing Acne Made Easy - How To Put A Stop To Acne Breakouts Naturally

Acne is a skin ailment that mostly occurs in the course of puberty, because at that time the body tends to overproduce the oil that lubricates the skin and hair. The condition can continue into adulthood, and both women and men are vulnerable. It is an uncomfortable condition for those experiencing it, and so those people who are not yet afflicted should find out about ways to prevent acne.

Understanding how to prevent acne begins with the process of getting yourself knowledgeable about the nature and cause of the problem. Acne presents itself in the form of blackheads, whiteheads, or cysts, often called pimples. They develop when skin pores are blocked by the excess oil secreted by the skin oil glands, coupled with dirt. This combination is perfect for attracting acne bacteria which cause the skin to be red and swollen. There isn't any need to use expensive over-the-counter treatment products to treat this condition. You can follow simple easy methods to eliminate the bacterial growth.

It has been recommended that the face, the site where acne occurs the most, be washed only two times daily with a suitable cleansing agent. Cleansing more often can lead to the overproduction of oil, thereby worsening your acne problems. Alcohol or oil based cleansers should not be used, since they dry out the skin and give it a tight feel. Water-based moisturizers are preferable, along with soap that includes sulphur, for discouraging acne development. Yet another suggestion is that the hands should not touch the face. Considering that hands tend to be dirty, touching the face with them may result in dirt build up, and hence bacteria, being introduced into your pores. The hair also needs to be kept away from the face, because hair entraps dust & dirt which can also make its way into the skin pores.

Another piece of advice is not to allow any perspiration to linger on the skin. During and after exercise, or any other physical activity which produces sweat, the excess sweat should be removed promptly. Again, a mild cleanser must be used to remove dirt and dried sweat, as swiftly as possible. Once or twice weekly, a gentle exfoliate (sugar based, not salt based) should be applied to eliminate dead skin. It is further advised that the pimples should not be scratched, squeezed, or pinched. This is because these activities may cause the spots to become irritated and swell more, in addition to leaving scars.

Too much sunlight is not good for the skin, so sunlight exposure should be reduced to stop acne from developing. Sunscreens that have high oil levels also needs to be avoided. There is a belief that acne is actually a warning sign that something is wrong inside the body. It is also felt that the body can mend itself and, furthermore, that the body responds to what we consume. It makes sense, therefore, figuring out how to prevent acne hinges on what is put inside the body. This suggests a well-balanced diet with a variety of healthy foods; including vegetables, fresh fruits and water.

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