The Greatness Of My Calling Dictates The Battles Ahead

From the day a kid is delivered, the infant must overcome the battle of survival. No matter whether a child is born into a privileged or a less privileged family, they will both encounter life struggles though their battles will be pretty different.

A kid born in a poor family will have to endure much more varied challenges than his mates. Nevertheless, all have a chance for survival and a terrific future.

The model of preparation in the journey of life is a tricky one. The first battle is going through school as well as taking examinations once in a while which are meant to examine your comprehension while comparing you with others through ranking.

The evaluation through ranking in school exams is the world's way of telling you - hey you will need to measure up. It is hardly ever intended to tell you that you are lesser than the others, nor is it supposed to puff you up when you perform better than the others however it is a method to help you realize your gift and talents.

After college, the real life battle begins. All the learning you did in class as well as college is at this point largely secondary. In the work space, life takes a new turn. You are expected to work, to be effective and furthermore increase in learning. The learning here is somewhat dissimilar from the learning in school or college. The learning here emphasizes more on job relevant skills - and almost 80% of these proficiencies are relational. Meaning, you simply must learn how to relate with others to obtain the most from them.

God specializes in bringing different kinds of persons to cross our paths. You will have no choice but to meet both pleasant folks and difficult folks. The only option you will have is to choose how to relate with them. Relating with them means to learn how to obtain the most out of them.

God does not bring individuals in our way to harm us. He brings them to help shape our destiny, even the worst. Mostly, these people do not have the power to injure us, but it is the way we react to these people that gives them the power to hurt us.

This occurs even in the most cherished relationships - for example husband and wife. In the husband and wife circumstance, our partner is supposed to give us with the push into our destiny. However quite often, they 'seem' to be the major adversaries in our lives. Why should it have to be this way you may ask? Clearly it does not have to be this way if you set objectives early in life.

Goal setting assists with shaping our attitude and response for the long term. In goal setting, we first specify what it is that we seek to accomplish. Later we write a plan on how to achieve it. Then we prepare for challenges along the way. Finally we make a choice on how we will tackle these issues.

While we set out to model our lives in this manner, we become more dedicated to the bigger picture than the situations at hand which Satan will keep hurling at us. These are simple distractions to make you lose focus on your bigger goal. Great goal setting for Christians anticipates this and helps you to deal with real issues aside from temporary ones.

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