The Primary And Simple Reality About How And Why God Almighty Aspires To Speak With Each Individual Christian

Many people may question "Does God truly speak and can we really hear God's voice?" The answer is - of course. We can hear God's voice which is contrary to widespread notion that hearing God is the domain of a few of God's elect!

Hearing from God is in fact a very basic aspect of being a Christian and not something just for the spiritually superior! Jesus declared in (John 10:27), "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me."

The ability to talk with God can be developed. It may be likened to how a new born baby develops the capability of speech. That is; from confused words to consistent speech. Any new born baby in his mother's arms cant comprehend or understand her speech. The mother resorts to intuition to discern when the baby is hungry, or when the infant needs a change of diapers etc.

Likewise, when someone becomes a new born in Christ, he or she will usually grapple in engaging in direct communication with God.

Because the mother breast feeds the baby, the baby grows and ultimately is weaned to begin eating solid food. As the baby grows into a toddler, he develops the capacity to communicate with the mother logically.

We can easily compare the feeding of the baby by the mom to the feeding of a new born Christian with the word of God. As a new born Christian feeds on the word of God, he or she grows and also acquires the capacity to hear and commune with God comprehensibly.

As the baby grows from childhood through adolescence to mature age, his or her communication skills are polished and are toned to a larger extent by his or her environment.

If you grow up in a loving environment, your conversation technique will have sensitive undertones towards other folks. However, if you grow in an abusive environment, you will show little or no respect for other folks in your communication style.

Likewise, for a new born Christian, in case his or her environment is steeped in Christian values and teachings, then it is invariable that he or she will manifest the language of love which is the language of God.

Each and every newly born again Christian, really ought to go through this path of growth. At new birth, unless you start to feed on the word of God, you will not grow. The word of God is your spiritual food. Once you feed on it, you steadily begin to learn how to hear and communicate spiritual things with your heavenly father and gradually learn how to speak with God.

Just like the mother of the baby rejoices when her baby starts to utter clear words, so does the Lord rejoice when you begin to commune coherently with Him. God desires that as we grow, we additionally increase in the capability to hear Him plainly.

When you can't hear from God clearly, then you will be greatly incapacitated. You might not be capable to receive instructions, essential to enter God's plan for you. If you are to become "fit for the Master's use" then your "faculties" must be well trained to hear from the Lord.

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