The Standard Operating Procedure For Changing The Toner

When switching printer toner, ones initial concern is usually getting the printer running in the shortest time to finish the project taking place. But it is advisable to take your time and take time to follow useful safety precautions.

Though printer toner alone is not a health risk, the fine powder in rich concentration might be. This powder can stay in the atmosphere for quite a while, and is much like dust particles when it comes to its influence on your body, producing irritations like sneezing and coughing. Introduce any respiratory conditions like bronchitis and asthma and these side effects escalate.

Just how could this dust become airborne? You would be surprised at just how easy it is. Incorrect disposal of printer toner cartridges in trash baskets will certainly disperse dust particles through the air. Machine spills can possibly cycle through the ventilator fan. Over-filled waste toner compartments can over-flow within the machine.

A few laser printer toners are thought to be carcinogens, or cancer causing, escalating the threat of those persons facing heavy or long-term exposure. Having said that, regular business and individual use is viewed as not harmful.

So take safeguards. Vacuum, do not sweep and brush, spilled toner dirt and dust. Clean up desktops or surface areas with a damp cloth. Should toner leak on your hands, clean them completely and quickly with soap and cold water, which will keep your pores closed and guards your hands from getting stained. Avoid any contact with the eyes or mouth, and at no time ingest. To play it safe, put the toner in a zipped plastic bag to avert possible dust emissions.

When there is shortness of breath or persistent coughing, cease working with the printer toner, if applicable, as well as get fresh air immediately. After that seek medical attention in the event that your symptoms persist.

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