UP Mini 2 A Little More Manageable, Effective, And Also Much More Stream-Lined Compared To Its Predecessor

When it comes to PC 3D printing equipment, the more compact the more beneficial for many individuals. Small printers have been well-liked, and Tiertime's UP Mini 3D printer is no different. The Chinese printer developer has discovered a lot of good results in their line of UP printers, and the UP Mini continues to be enjoyed for its easy use and cost effectiveness. Tiertime has mentioned it as their 'entry level' printer, ideal for educators or those just simply first starting 3D printing. Yesterday at CES 2016, Tiertime announced the innovative UP Mini 2, which should be in the marketplace in the 2nd quarter of this year.

Similar to its predecessor the 8520, the Mini 2 is compact, transportable, and easy to use as a matter of fact, it improves on all those characteristics. It's the very first printer in the UP series to have both touch enabled screen and a WiFi connection, allowing it to be regulated by means of mobile app and making it that much easier to utilize than the original. The single extruder has a quick change mechanism for effortless replacement, and the printer features onboard file storage space and instantly produced, adjustable Smart Support Technology. It's about as portable as possible get with a 3D printer the Mini 2 sports an aluminum handle for effortless carrying. It also comes with a distinct spool container, a handy little case with an incorporated toolbox to keep your finishing tools.

"UP mini 2 possesses the most recent features offered on 3D printing market today, also it has also fine tuned those features to offer the perfect 3D printing experience. UP mini 2 is a consumer-oriented 3D printer model for pupils at educational institutions, young children at home and 3D printing fans around the globe. We certainly have given much consideration concerning user-friendly user interfaces to produce more consumer friendly 3D printing atmosphere," said Tiertime's CEO, Allen Guo.

Even though no price has at this point been indicated for the UP Mini 2 3D printer, which will be available to buy worldwide only in Q2 2016, the first generation UP Mini model at present sells for approximately $899, and with reasonably priced, consumer 3D printers leading the worldwide 3D Printing market, with any luck the UP Mini 2 continues in a similar price structure. The new 3D Printer will also include the identical 12-month manufacturer warranty as all of UP series 3D printers.

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